US BX 493 out the door/Grab Bags available

Started by Bwosczyna, November 03, 2023, 07:41:29 PM

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I wanted to drop a note to let everyone who ordered from the BX know if you haven't received your box yet (partial distribution was earlier this week), the balance went out today. If you are on the west coast, you can expect delivery within 5 business days, and east of the Mississippi should be a few days. 

The BX was enormous.  We had 157 items on offer with 76 members making requests.  I was able to accommodate everyone for at least something they were after. 

By far the most sought-after items were Arcangelo's gethyllis.  Happily, I think I was able to send one (or both) to nearly everyone who requested them. These are highly uncommon to find available. I hope everyone has screaming success growing them and in a few years we see some donations coming back around to the BX.  The second most popular were Kipp McMichael's gladiolus followed closely by Robert Parks' arisaema flavum, of which there were, regrettably, only two corms.  I am going to work on growing some from seed (they are dead easy) and am hoping next year I might have some to share. 

I would like to give a huge thank you to our donors. All of our donors. Whether you sent one of something in or dozens, please know that it is appreciated.  The volume of bulbs, tubers and rhizomes that come across my dining room table continues to astound me.   

On a personal note, as BX Director, I was thrilled to see interest in arisaema, as they are my first love.  I will continue to offer them and I hope everyone is successful growing.  A quick note for anyone trying them for the first time: most species REQUIRE a dry dormancy, except our native arisaema triphyllum and arisaema ringens, which can handle a bit more moisture while dormant.  If not kept in a pot, how they are sited is crucial over the winter months.  Dry is always better than a low spot with poor drainage.

I have a few grab bags available.  Director's choice.  $5 for a stuffed box, plus postage.  Shoot me an email and I'll drop them in the mail next week.

Finally, thanks so much for all the positive feedback.  It helps, I assure you, when I'm in the throes of sorting and organizing.