Storing Alstroemeria psittacina (Parrot Lily)

Started by LininTexas, January 30, 2024, 03:11:41 PM

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I dug up some Alstromeria psittacina today - a friend is moving and offered to let me dig things up. I was wondering how to best store them till there's a call for BX donations. Her house has sold so it was a now-or-never type of deal.

My initial thoughts were that I could heel them in somewhere (my soil is sand but there are a lot of roots) or plant them in pots, but I was wondering if there's a way to store them, such as in peat moss or coir (and should it be dry or moist?). 

Thanks in advance!

Lin in Texas


My idea would be to store them in a plastic bag with peat moss or coir (doesn't matter which) and keep it just barely moist and then put it into the vegetable drawer of the fridge. If you live in Texas it would probably sprout before the next BX and thus become much more fragile to handle. Storage in the fridge might delay it. I would check for mildew and rot from time to time.
Hope that helps 
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Thanks, Uli. It was growing quite a bit until we had a hard freeze maybe 2 weeks ago, which killed off the foliage. It's started growing again, so I think your fridge plan has merit.