Seeking source for Narcissus triandrus, "angel's tears" daffodils

Started by RebeccaChristie, March 09, 2024, 07:08:46 AM

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Hello. I'm in the U.S., and am seeking a source for Narcissus triandrus var. triandrus, "angel's tears" daffodils. Any assistance is greatly appreciated. (Attached photo by Thomas Freeth, taken in Galicia, Spain)


Rebecca, I have a good quantity of this species, grown from wild-collected seed. You can contact me privately through the "Membership" button on the PBS website, since I'm the Membership Coordinator for the society. I could send you bulbs this summer.


Hi, I think that you mean Narcissus triandrus var. loiseleurii.

It is not accepted by official floras, but the plants are different from normal triandrus.

It is protected in the Habitats Directive but I obtained a permit to collect some bulbs with the help of a local amateur. My climate is not good for them, so I gave them to two friends when I had done my tests and the seeds were ripe.

I think I donated some last year.

I can ask my friends if they expect to get seeds.


Ps. I had not read Jane's answer, I guess her solution is better.
Carlos Jiménez
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