Alophia on the wiki/Cypella and Hesperoxiphion

Mary Sue Ittner
Thu, 07 Aug 2003 22:18:00 PDT
Dear All,

Here is Bob's side view of the Alophia for Alberto:…

And for Nan our PBS wiki has a lot of pictures of possibilities of your 
mystery plant.
Germán has spent a lot of time on the Cypella wiki page so you could check 
out some of those images:…

Paul and Rob have some nice pictures of Tigridias. This is slated to be a 
topic of the week in the fall.…

And ironically I had just added some Hesperoxiphion pictures, but wasn't 
sure when I'd have time to do a page, but your post has motivated me and I 
just done one. This is blooming for me right now. I was so excited to see 
the spikes as I remembered Sir Peter Smithers talking about it floating in 
the air and how if you plop off the flower after they faded before it can 
set seed it can bloom a long time. I really hope so because it is an 
awesome flower. Deadheading daily has been working well for my Gelasine 
elongata which keeps sending up more blue flowers and for my Calydorea 
which has blooms on it most days.…

What puzzles me is that the seed of my Hesperoxiphion came from Bill Dijk, 
but his picture shows them as orange and mine are definitely yellow. Just 
another flower I wouldn't have except for Bill's generosity.

I hope this helps you sort out what you have Nan. I believe those Tigridia 
flowers are much smaller than the Hesperoxiphion and I'm not sure about the 

Mary Sue 

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