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Douglas Westfall
Wed, 12 Mar 2003 08:03:44 PST
Mary Sue IttnerDoug Westfall msittner@mcn.org1111 Claiborne Dr. Long Beach,

> Dear All,
> When I was making a new page for Sprekelia to include Doug's picture and
> Sheila's and I looked up about it my books says there is only one species
> from Mexico, Sprekelia formosissisma. So Doug or someone else, tell us more
> about this plant you sent us a photograph of.
> Mary Sue

Do you have Vol.54 of Herbertia?  If so, turn to pg.228, and you will see a
short article about it.  If you do not have it, I'll copy it and post it to
you right away.

I've had it for about eight years.  It is rather difficult to "deal" with.
It keeps wanting to bury itself deeper than where it is planted. When it
gets too deep, the leaves come up, but it doesn't bloom until I set it a
little less deep.  I'm not certain why, but I'm going to try a couple of

Let me know about Herbertia.


PS, Someone from England just mentioned Paul.  I asked him to ask Paul to
Email us so that we will know that he is still "alive."

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