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Mary Sue Ittner
Sat, 15 Mar 2003 08:08:42 PST
Dear All,

For those of you who were not on an image list and therefore unable to see 
the Brunsvigia pictures that Bill Dijk posted when Brunsvigia was the topic 
of the week I have added them to the Brunsvigia wiki page to join Rob 
Hamilton's very interesting progression of bloom in his Brunsvigia josephinae.…

Jennifer created a Tecophilaea page asking for better pictures for it than 
she had so I added Bill's pictures to that as well.…

I also created a Cypella page for Germain's image and added one from Bill 
to it. Alberto please check me for the text since I am using books and want 
to be sure I am correct.…

In April we will be discussing Babiana on the TOW. I invite those of you 
who have good Babiana images to add them to the Babiana page in the next 
couple of weeks so that when we discuss it, there will be pictures already 
there. As Mark found it can be hard to get everything up during the week we 
are talking about it. You don't have to tell us you are doing it as we can 
wait to look at them until that week. If you have problems doing it, 
contact me or Mark for help.

Thanks all.

Mary Sue
PBS List Administrator

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