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Mary Sue Ittner
Sat, 17 May 2003 11:02:28 PDT
Dear All,

On Monday our host for the wiki had a major meltdown while doing routine 
maintenance. Since then they have been working hard to restore everything 
on their web site from back-ups. The site is a very complex information 
site so this process may take quite a while before it is complete. Mark and 
I have both found that there are times we cannot access the wiki. I do not 
know for sure and haven't bothered them during this difficult time to ask, 
but I suspect that when they are restoring areas everything that is on including our wiki may be unavailable. So if you try to 
work on the wiki or to look at pictures and you get timed out, try again at 
another time.

I have been in the process of making bold the specific epithets (the genus 
and species name) on the pages devoted to different genera. If we have more 
than one picture of the same species I just bold the first one. Please 
follow my lead when you add a picture. I'll get it on the FAQ eventually. 
_*Moraea aristata*_ is how you do it. Rob Hamilton first did it this way 
and Bill Dijk copied him and Mark and I decided we should try to be 
consistent. Making the names bold helps you spot what you are looking for 
so even though that meant I had to change most everything I think it will 
be easier for people using the wiki to find what they are looking for.

We are eager to have the names be correct as people will be finding the 
wiki pages when they search for a plant on Google. So if you spot something 
that is wrong, please tell me or Mark.

This brings me to a question. What is the correct species name for 
Worsleya? Most of my books list it as Worsleya rayneri and we had a nice 
article about it in our most recent Pacific Bulb Society newsletter. Since 
this is not a plant I grow I haven't attempted to keep up to date on it but 
recently I have seen the name Worsleya procera being used. I know we have 
some people in this group who can answer this one for me. What should we 
call it and which synonyms should we have in parenthesis? Thanks.

Finally I wanted to say that our wiki is for the use of all of us on this 
list. Not everyone is going to be interested in it and those people who are 
will no doubt influence how it evolves. The plants they love are the ones 
that will be pictured or talked about. If it is a geophyte and you want to 
write about it and show a picture of it on the wiki we are happy to have 
you do it. We just want it to be organized in a fashion that makes 
everything easy to find and the pictures easy to view.

After the discussion last weekend about dividing the Iris wiki page I have 
made a page for the Pacific Coast Iris since that is a group I grow and am 
interested in. I do hope someone else will take on some of the other 
groups. And I have added some new pictures to this page that weren't on the 
old page. Blooming right now and grown from seed is Iris innominata. It is 
one that I really love. The one on the wiki page is yellow. Also pictured 
is Iris purdyi seen on one of my recent hikes growing on banks along the 
road. It had been raining for days before the hike so we had to search for 
specimens that weren't too weather beaten. Finally there are pictures of 
some of the Pacific Coast hybrids.…

Mary Sue
Mary Sue Ittner
California's North Coast
Wet mild winters with occasional frost
Dry mild summers

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