Lily Bulb or Seed Exchange

Jerry L Murray
Fri, 24 Dec 2004 17:31:16 PST
Mary Sue,
I do appreciate you sending my message to your lily growing friend.
Hopefully he/she will want to trade causing high elation in this guy,
since it will nearly complete my U.S. lilium collection. My desire is to
propagate all the species; therefore, providing a gene pool source for
future reintroductions to wild places extirpated of these national
natural treasures. I recently acquired Lilium iridollae and Lilium
catesbaei seed from a government agency. I will give them my one-two
Alaska kelp treatment and see how they respond.

Enjoy the Christmas Holiday,
Jerry Murray 

 > Hello,
> I am interested in trading nursery propagated (from legitimately 
> purchased 
> seed) native western lilies for native eastern lilies. I am 
> particularly 
> interested in Lilium grayi, superbum - "maroon", canadense - "clear 
> and 
> speckled yellow", michauxii and pyrophilum.
> My offerings include L. maritimum, kelleyanum and vollmeri. I do 
> have small 
> plants of L. parryi and pardalinum.
> Jerry Murray - The Seed Connoiseur
> jdlmurray52 at 
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