Lily Bulb or Seed Exchange

Dennis Kramb
Fri, 24 Dec 2004 16:38:27 PST
I highly recommend the NEWFS seed exchange as an ethical source of eastern 
wildflowers.  Their seed exchange is open to non-members, and should be 
kicking off here real soon (February, I think?).  They have a good website 
at  (by the way NEWFS = New England Wild Flower 
Society).  I ordered Lilium grayii from them last time but didn't get any 
germination yet.

Dennis in Cincinnati

At 05:15 PM 12/24/2004, you wrote:
>This came from a newly subscribed member, but was in html format so did 
>not get through to the list. I'm reposting it as a text message.
>Mary Sue
>I am interested in trading nursery propagated (from legitimately purchased 
>seed) native western lilies for native eastern lilies. I am particularly 
>interested in Lilium grayi, superbum - "maroon", canadense - "clear and 
>speckled yellow", michauxii and pyrophilum.
>My offerings include L. maritimum, kelleyanum and vollmeri. I do have 
>small plants of L. parryi and pardalinum.
>Jerry Murray - The Seed Connoiseur
>jdlmurray52 at
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