Recent Images on the Wiki #2

Mary Sue Ittner
Wed, 31 Mar 2004 12:22:19 PST
Dear All,

Jane McGary has been adding a lot of Fritillaria pictures to the wiki. For 
the North American page she has added  pictures of Fritillaria agrestis, 
Fritillaria affinis, and Fritillaria affinis 'Wayne Roderick'. I added a 
picture of F. liliacea blooming for me for the first time from seed. It's a 
very small flower. Somehow I was expecting something bigger. I am still 
thrilled that it bloomed. Diana Chapman always talked about how fragrant it 
was and I just had the one flower, but just didn't notice any fragrance. 
Could it be one of those that only certain people can smell?…

On the main page:…

Jane has added pictures of Fritillaria alfredae glaucoviridis, F. 
ehrhartii, F. messanensis gracilis, F. sibthorpiana and a tall form of 
Fritillaria tubiformis.

I made a new page for Pasithea:…
I am growing it in a very deep pot as I didn't have any luck with it in the 
ground even though I saw some in the ground at the University of California 
Botanical Garden in Berkeley. The pictures on your screen (everyone's 
computer colors are a bit different) may be a bit bluer than it really is 
as the blue has a bit of purple in it and I've not found a good way to fix 
that yet either on the digital camera or by manipulating it. But I'd still 
call it blue. I love this plant that I first admired in Jim Forrest's 
garden in New Zealand. He shared seeds so it is definitely my Jim Forrest 
Memory Plant.

Mary Sue

PBS List Administrator, Wiki Worker, TOW Coordinator (Whew!)

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