Begonias on the wiki

Roy Sachs
Thu, 18 Aug 2005 09:23:40 PDT
>I raved earlier about the Begonia boliviensis which has been brightening
>our summer fog. I added a picture of the attractive seed pod to the wiki.
>Ernie told me this species could tolerate our Pacific northwest winter wet
>even when dormant.
>Yesterday the UPS man was lingering looking at the tuberous begonia making
>an amazing display in my lath house. He thought it was so beautiful. This
>was in the packet at the IBS meeting in Pasadena a number of years ago.
>It's my sole survivor from my packet, but I agree it is really beautiful.
>Mendocino Coast Botanical Gardens has a wonderful display of tuberous
>begonias every year. Is there any interest in seeing any of these on the wiki?

Mary Sue:  I'd very much like to see pics of the Mendocino Coast Bot. 
Gard.  tuberous begonias. Just getting one grown from seed close to 
bloom in a greenhouse here in Davis.


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