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Mary Sue Ittner
Thu, 18 Aug 2005 09:13:40 PDT

I raved earlier about the Begonia boliviensis which has been brightening 
our summer fog. I added a picture of the attractive seed pod to the wiki. 
Ernie told me this species could tolerate our Pacific northwest winter wet 
even when dormant.…

Yesterday the UPS man was lingering looking at the tuberous begonia making 
an amazing display in my lath house. He thought it was so beautiful. This 
was in the packet at the IBS meeting in Pasadena a number of years ago. 
It's my sole survivor from my packet, but I agree it is really beautiful. 
Mendocino Coast Botanical Gardens has a wonderful display of tuberous 
begonias every year. Is there any interest in seeing any of these on the wiki?

I also got around to adding pictures of Bloomeria humilis which bloomed in 
June. This is a rare Bloomeria I obtained from Telos. It is shorter than 
the more commonly grown one, but I found it delightful and added three 
pictures showing it in the beginning, one week later, and about a month 
from the first pictures. I'm going to keep it in a pot to make sure I don't 
lose it, but it looks like it could be an attractive rock garden plant. I'm 
a fan of yellow  however and don't live in a hot summer climate. I remember 
when we discussed our favorite yellow plants that a lot of you don't like 
yellow. I'd be adding this one if we were discussing it now. I'll try it in 
the ground when I have extras and can experiment.…

Finally blooming last week was Romulea macowanii. This is a summer rainfall 
species. This was my second try to grow it from Nargs seed. The first 
insisted on growing in the winter even though I kept watering it in the 
summer and turned out to be pink and probably Romulea rosea. This second 
one seems to be the real thing with yellow flowers without a stalk. It was 
supposed to be var. alticola, but I couldn't see the bracts to tell and for 
that matter found it hard to measure the length of the tube either of 
something sitting on the ground. Goldblatt and Manning don't really 
recognize the varieties and subspecies of these African Romuleas so I 
decided it was safe to stick with the species name.…

Mary Sue

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