Siphonochilus and Spring garden

Mary Sue Ittner
Tue, 18 Oct 2005 18:07:10 PDT
Dear Rogan,

I loved looking at your pictures, both the Siphonochilus and the Disas. As 
for the Disa pictures from Kirstenbosch, WOW! Good look in growing yours. 
Is Disa uniflora the one that grows on Table Mountain and is visited by 
butterflies? It looks like Kirstenbosch has figured out how to grow it.

Cameron McMaster has a number of Disa pictures on his CD, I presume 
pictures from the wild and I hope to get them added to the wiki one of 
these days. I've been adding other Eastern Cape orchid pictures, but never 
announced them to the group:…………

I suspect most if not all of these photographs of Cameron's were taken in 
the wild. If others have pictures of these orchids I hope you'll add them too.

Thanks for adding the Siphonochilus page to the wiki all on your own and 
for writing such interesting text too. It was not so long ago we had almost 
no pictures of gingers on the wiki and now we have a whole lot represented.

Mary Sue 

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