New Chinese Lilies

Tony Avent
Sun, 12 Nov 2006 06:51:02 PST

We have grown L. rosthornii also and for us, it is shorter than Lilium 
henryi.  We've been growing it from seed and should have a good stock 
for spring.

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James Waddick wrote:
> Dear All;
> 	I know we don't often discuss lilies- there's a forum for 
> that elsewhere, but I just got a few bulbs of two species new to me 
> and I wonder if there's any experience among members.
> 	1.  L. rosthornii  is new to cultivation. My friend, a former 
> NALS president says " It is a fantastic, easy to grow lily similar in 
> flower to henryi only on short stiff stems.  It flowers VERY late.  I 
> love it.  I had a stem with 42 buds this year from bulbs that I got 
> from Chen Yi about 5 years ago.  If you're lucky you'll get a clone 
> with black nectaries!"
> 	Paige Woodward says " It is beautiful, robust and matures 
> rapidly..... It blooms in late August-September here." and she offers 
> bulbs for sale.
> 	2.      L. majoense is totally new to m. My NALS  friend says 
> it is "one of the most elegant lilies I have ever seen.  It seems to 
> be a strong grower.   Definitely my favorite lilium species."
> 	Not much info available, but suggestions that make it sound 
> VERY nice. Tall, nice foliage attractive bicolored flowers and hardy 
> too. Couldn't find any source, but Paul Christian Rare Bulbs.
> 	So I am curious if any of the PBS members grow either species 
> and what your experience is or if you have seen these growing and can 
> comment on them in any ways.
> 		Tanks for your comments.		Jim W.

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