Wiki Narcissus pages

Mary Sue Ittner
Thu, 02 Aug 2007 08:11:14 PDT
Dear All,

I want to thank Jay for all the hours and hours he has put in to create the 
wiki Narcissus (and Crinum) pages. For those people who do not have all the 
reference books to figure it out, this will be invaluable. And often he 
shows a picture of the flower from the front and the side and in the garden 
as well. His garden during Narcissus season has to be amazing. I wish I 
lived close enough to visit it.

Thanks Kathy for the link as that will be so helpful to figure out which 
division some of the unidentified plants belong in. Is there a source like 
this for the Miniatures? I know that Bill Dijk was really hoping we could 
have all the miniatures on one page, but I'm not sure how you can tell what 
they are from the pictures. And without text to explain the picture, the 
task is impossible.

I'm still hoping one of the Narcissus experts is going to help with some 
text for some of the subspecies and varieties in the John Lonsdale species 
pictures we added to the wiki. I've asked a number of people privately, but 
so far this information has been difficult to secure. Even if there is no 
agreement, it would be nice to be able to explain this as Jane McGary has 
done with pictures she has added. So I guess this is a general plea. Could 
anyone supply some text where there is little for the Narcissus species:……

If willing and not an approved wiki user, I can add you as editing and 
adding text is very easy. Or send me the words and I'll add them. Thanks.

Mary Sue

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