Wiki Additions--Drakonorchis (Caladenia), Lilium, Albuca

Mary Sue Ittner
Fri, 01 Feb 2008 07:04:10 PST

I added some pictures of an orchid, Drakonorchis barbarossa,  syn. 
Caladenia barbarossa, we saw in Australia in September to the Wiki. It's 
one of those that was split from Caladenia by some, but considered a 
subgenus of Caladenia by others . This orchid has a very interesting 
pollination strategy. The lip looks like a female wasp and the plants 
secrete a scent resembling the scent of the wasp to attract the male wasps 
to the flowers. It's kind of a strange looking flower, but was an exciting 
find for us.…

Mary Gerritsen has added some of Ron Parson's Lilium pictures to the wiki:
Lilium columbianum, L. kelleyanum, L. maritimum…
Lilium occidentale, several subspecies of L. pardalinum, Lilium parryi, and 
Lilium Lilium pitkinense…

Finally I had a request for a picture of Albuca canadensis (known as Albuca 
maxima by most of us since that's the name in most of the reference books) 
so I added some habitat pictures of it from our South African trip in 2006. 
We saw it in Nieuwoudtville and in Namaqualand. At the same time I added 
some pictures of Albuca longipes, a plant from the winter rainfall areas 
that has erect white flowers with green keels and hooded inner tepals with 
golden tips. The first picture was taken by AlanHorstmann and illustrates 
his technique of placing his pots in a position where the sky is the 
background for his photograph. The second picture was taken in habitat and 
isn't as sharp as I'd like, but it still illustrates the unusual golden 
tips so I decided to add it. I can take it off if a better picture is added 

Mary Sue
coastal Northern California where it is raining once again

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