Survey of Flowers Blooming for the Holidays

Ryan Wilson
Sun, 29 Nov 2009 21:58:40 PST
Here in Portland, Oregon, we have the following blooming in our garden:

Near and dear to my heart, many plants in the Arailiaceae are blooming:
Fatsias, Dendropanax, etc.  Two plants that have had blooms literally
everday since March are Osteospermum barberiae and Venidium fatuosum, and
neither of them really show any signs of stopping now with the colder
weather, although the Venidium is only supposed to be hardy to 25 degrees
F.  I'm crossing my fingers.  Acanthus sennii is flowering for us, although
I've heard it can be difficult, so I must be lucky this year.  Salvia
discolor, with it's pure black flowers is one of my favorites.  It'll have
to go in for the winter this week, I suppose.  We also have an Arbutus
'Marina' as a street tree that is full of pinkish, bell-shaped flowers, very
pretty.  Although in this case flowers really aren't the point, Othonna
cherifolia is blooming in one of our borders.  Fall blooming Mahonia
eurybracteata's yellow flower spikes are still holding on after a few weeks.

As for bulbs:
Ipheon uniflorum is blooming, but I just brought it home from work and
planted it, so being in the greenhouses until just a few weeks ago surely
had an influence.  Schizostylis coccinea is still going strong, and has been
for some time now.  Cyclamen hederifolium are still blooming, here and

That's all I can think of right now.
Portland, OR
(USDA zone 8b)

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