Amaryllidaceae website 2nd reply to Roger with correction

Adam Fikso
Wed, 20 Jan 2010 14:18:02 PST
Hello Roger.  These are apparently very separate locations in a wide  area, 
Krasnaya  Polyana being a ski resort.  A Google map shows the area in the 
West Caucasus.
Russian place names are not transliterated uniformly or  in the same manner 
due to the differencces in British and American English .  (See similar 
problems in Pakistani and Hindi transliterations with different letter 
substitutions.   or early and Later Chinese and Arabic translations of place 

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> On 19 Jan 2010, at 14:54, Justin Smith wrote:
>> Google translate must to pretty good because even I could understand
>> most of it.
> Google translate is surprisingly good, in fact. I've been using it to
> explore Russian online content relating to cyclamen of the Caucasus,
> with excellent results.
> But sometimes the translation leaves one wondering. At
> the Russian text is
>> В России распространен в Краснодарском крае: в окрестностях Красной
>> Поляны, в ущелье Ахцу, Хосте, южнее Туапсе, в окрестностях Камышановой
>> поляны Апшеронского района. Кроме того, встречается в
>> Карачаево-Черкесской республике, Грузии и Азербайджане, в Восточном
>> Средиземноморье, на Балканах, в Малой Азии.
> which Google translates as
>> In Russia it is distributed in the Krasnodar region: in the vicinity
>> of Krasnaya Polyana, in the gorge Ahtsu, Khost, south of Tuapse in the
>> vicinity of Kamyshanovoy clearing Absheron district. In addition,
>> occurs in Karachay-Cherkessia republic, Georgia and Azerbaijan, in the
>> eastern Mediterranean, the Balkans, in Asia Minor.
> which left me wonder if the text "in the gorge Ahtsu, Khost, south of
> Tuapse in the vicinity of Kamyshanovoy clearing Absheron district"
> refers to distinct locations Ahtsu gorge; Khost; south of Tuapse; in the
>  vicinity of Kamyshanovoy; and "clearing Absheron district", or whether
> it's all one location carefully specified with respect to nearby
> locations. I suspect it's a list of distinct locations.
> Google Translate is much like the little girl of legend: when it's good,
> it's very good, but when it's bad, it's awful.
> Incidentally, if anyone is fluent in Russian *and* has a good grip of
> Caucasian geography, I'd be grateful if you would tell me how to
> interpret that text.
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