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Dell Sherk
Sat, 27 Nov 2010 10:16:13 PST
Dear All,

       The items listed below have been donated by our members to be shared.

  If you are interested in obtaining some of them, please email me PRIVATELY
at <>. Include "BX 262" in the subject line. 

        Specify the NUMBERS of the items which you would like; do not
specify quantities. It is a good idea to include your snail mail address,
too, in case I don't already have it. Availability is based on a first come,
first served system. When you receive your seeds/bulbs you will find,
included with them, a statement of how much money (usually $2.00/item)
(cash, check, or Pay Pal to <>; no money orders,
please) you should send the PBS treasurer to defray our costs for packing
and first-class, priority-mail, or international postage.


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         If you would like to donate seeds or bulbs/corms to the PBS,(Donors
will receive credit on the BX for the cost of postage for their donations.),
please send CLEAN, clearly labeled plant materials to:

Dell Sherk
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New Hope, PA, 18938

Non US donors should contact Dell for instructions before sending seeds.


From Michael Mace:

Amaryllis belladonna hybrid seed:

Except where noted, the parent bulbs all came from Les Hannibal's garden in
Sacramento.  The flowers were all open pollinated, so I can't guarantee what
you'll get.  Some will be crosses with other nearby plants, others will be
clones of the parents.  In particular, seeds from whites may turn out to be
pink, and the offspring from pinks can be white.  But I promise that you'll
get an interesting selection.

You can find photos of most of these flowers on the PBS wiki, here:…

1. Mixed pinks: If you want a variety of Amaryllis to play with, this is the
choice for you.  Open pollinated seeds from 20 or 30 different pink
Amaryllis hybrids, ranging from light to dark pink.  Given the complex
genetics of Amaryllis, some of these flowers will be white.
2. Mixed whites: Open pollinated seeds from white flowers.  Most will be
white, some will be pink.
3. MBQ 01   A very robust plant with dark pink flowers, nicely radial.  From
the old BioQuest nursery.  One of my overall best Amaryllis bulbs.
4. MLH 01   White flowers with a pale yellow center.  The closest I have to
a pure white.  This one doesn't bloom often.
5. MLH 03   White flowers with a deep yellow throat.  Fairly radial form.
6. MLH 05   Very light pink lines in the outer third of the flower, white
center.  Wide flowers with few ruffles.
7. MLH 07   Pale pink veins with a white star in the center.
8. MLH 09   Mid-pink without a lot of veining, and a yellow center.  Broad
petals and ruffles.  Radial.
9. MLH 12   Light pink with a white star at the center.  Few lines and no
ruffles.  Light scent.
10. MLH 14   Streaky pink petals, dark at the tips, with a pale yellow
center.  No ruffles.  Ages to solid pink.
11. MLH 17   Fairly dark pink with darker veins and yellow center.  Average
size, few ruffles.  Not radial.
12. MLH 18   Medium pink aging to deep mauvey pink.  White center.  Very
radial, flowers not particularly large.  A dependable bloomer.
13. MLH 19   This one is very robust.  Very large and tall inflorescence,
large mid-pink flowers with ruffles.  White centers.  Not radial.
14. MLH 27   Ruffled mid-pink flowers with white center, aging to solid
pink.  Not radial.
15. MLH 30   Nicely radial.  White flowers with yellow-orange centers. 
Slight ruffles, fairly good bud count.  Flowers are a little bit undersized.
16. MLH 33   Flowers start cream colored (very pale pink veins on the outer
quarter of the flower), and then age to solid pink.  The inflorescence
produces a berries & cream effect.  Not radial.
17. MLH 34   Flowers start pale pink on the outer parts of the petals, with
a white center.  They age to dark pink in the center, creating a striking
bullseye effect.  Not radial.  This one doesn't bloom often, so if you want
seeds of it, take them now.
18. MLH 39   White with a yellow throat.  Fairly radial, but inflorescence
leans toward the sun.
19. MLH 51   White flowers with very narrow pink edges on the petals; a
picotee effect.
20. MM 01-06   This is a cross of MLH 18 x MLH 04
21. MM 02-04   (MLH 24 x MLH 04).  White with a yellow center.  Fairly broad
petals, not very radial.
22. MM 2010A   Extremely radial white with a few ruffles and yellow
centers.  Sorry, only a few seeds.  MLH 30 is similar.
23. MM 99-14A   (MLH 03 x MLH 19).  This cross has produced some great
plants.  This particular one has a huge number of buds -- about 30 of them. 
Flowers are lightly veined pink with yellow centers.  Photo:…
24. MM 99-16A   (MLH 03 x MLH 18).  Clear vivid magenta flowers with white
centers and unusually wide petals.  A nicely radial flower head.  Photo:…

Nerine seeds Like the Amaryllis, these are open pollinated, so you may get
surprises.  Photos here:…

25. Nerine sarniensis ex. A Dry Garden   Found this one in a nursery in
Oakland, CA.  Magenta, floriferous and reliable.  Ruffled and slightly
asymmetrical.  It was labeled as Nerine sarniensis, but it's probably not a
pure sarniensis selection.  A nice plant, though.
26. Nerine 'Kenilworth'   Salmon colored, very radial, vigorous.

From Jerry Lehman:

27. Bulbs of Zephyranthes “Pink Rainlily” not so vigorous in clumping and
blooming, but large bulbs and large dark ponk flowers – when it flowers
28. Small bulbs of Eucharis amazonica (E. grandiflora?) not a prolific
number of flowers at one time, but reliable come late summer/fall. Fragrant.
29. Small tubers of Amorphophallus rivieri var konjac
30. Bulbs of Zephyranthes ‘White Rainlily’ A good vigorous grower and
clumper – good number of white flowers during summer and fall. Originally
sold to me as Z. candida.

From Alberto Grossi:

31. Seed of Urginea maritima

Thank you, Mike, Jerry, and Alberto !!

Best wishes,

Dell Sherk, PBS BX

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