Eastern Cape Trip

Mary Sue Ittner msittner@mcn.org
Wed, 12 Jan 2011 07:34:36 PST
Although much of the Eastern Cape is grassland, we found a lot of 
plants growing on rock faces or in crevices in rocks. Some of these 
were impossible to get close enough to photograph. Yesterday I showed 
pictures of a couple of plants growing on rocks. Today there are some 
we saw in Glen Avon.

The first was selected as the plant of the day, Scadoxus puniceus. We 
already have it well pictured on the wiki, but here are a few more of 
it growing in rock crevices or near rocks (second row of photos).

In the same area another plant growing  on rocks close enough to 
photograph was Haemanthus albiflos (last photo).

Yesterday I referenced an Agapanthus praecox. Here are a couple more 
habitat photos of it. The one in Glen Avon was impossible to get very 
close to. Also on the rocks was a Cyrtanthus, probably C. macowanii 
but the experts had interesting discussions each evening about what 
we saw and it seems C. macowanii and C. epiphyticus in the wild are 
challenging to tell apart. I'll be adding more photos of the two of 
them later where we were close enough to get a better photo. The 
other photos of Agapanthus praecox were taken at Gaika's Kop. (first 
row of photos) It does seem like some of the Agapanthus praecox we 
saw in the wild have spectacular views.

Finally  at Glen Avon we also saw growing in a rock crevice, 
Chlorophytum comosm.

Mary Sue

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