Cyrtanthus falcatus

Mary Sue Ittner
Mon, 02 May 2011 12:12:29 PDT

Not too long ago Ina asked about how to care for her Cyrtanthus 
plants and a number of us responded that it depended on the species.

This spring my Cyrtanthus falcatus bloomed for the first time. The 
plants were dormant with no leaves showing and I had moved them under 
a bench in my unheated greenhouse where they wouldn't be watered . I 
was thrilled in February to see what looked like a bud appearing. 
Indeed that was what it was and the leaves appeared later. This is my 
third time trying to grow this plant. The first time a friend shared 
one with me. The second time I purchased one from a reputable source. 
Both of those were bulbs and although they looked fine when I got 
them, neither survived over the long haul.

Then I got seeds from Rhoda and Cameron McMaster and sowed them 
January 2005 so that's awhile ago. The flower didn't look at all like 
what I expected and was very different from the photo taken by Rob 
Hamilton that we had on the wiki but now that I've seen so many bulbs 
blooming in the wild I understand the great diversity that is 
possible when you grow plants from seed. I've added a photo of my 
flower to the wiki and a photograph of one grown by Alan Horstmann in 
South Africa and leaves of large bulbs we saw in the bulb house at 

Mary Sue

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