Dead Horse Arum

James Waddick
Wed, 11 May 2011 20:40:22 PDT
Dear PBSers,

	Today my Dead Horse Arum started to bloom out doors on a 
sunny west facing slope. Helicodiceros muscivorous is a Mediterranean 
native that for all intents should not be hardy in my climate. See…

	I have grown and bloomed it in a large pot, kept frost free 
for years. It makes a lot of extra tubers many of them shared here. 
About 5 years ago I planted one in the garden as described above and 
it survived. It has continued to survive and get bigger. This past 
winter we got to -12 F and had many days below freezing.

	This is its first bloom outdoors and on the first day the 
smell is indeed 'vivid' comparing to its name sake. The last couple 
of years I have moved a few more tubers to the garden and all of them 
have survived. Perhaps I have an extra hardy strain, but I suspect it 
is far more tolerant that many might suggest.

	Not for the faint of heart or for mass planting near the 
house. Mine is a couple hundred feet from my back door and 'safe'.

	Jiust wanted to share this unusual bloom for my climate. 
		Best	Jim W.
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