New Gladiolus species and Romulea species to the wiki

Mary Sue Ittner
Tue, 21 Aug 2012 15:31:20 PDT
Rod and Rachel Saunders continue their search to photograph Gladiolus 
species in the wild searching them out in the places they were once 
found at the time they are supposed to bloom. Rachel has sent me some 
photos for the wiki of plants not previously pictured on the wiki or 
seen very often (along with a very rare one that is in cultivation).
Gladiolus mutabilis…
Gladiolus taubertianus…
Gladiolus aureus, a very rare species…

And in the previously burned area where they found Gladiolus 
mutabilis extending the known distribution area they also found some 
other nice plants flowering: Gladiolus patersoniae, Cyrtanthus 
odorus, and Romulea jugicoa. l've added the latter to the wiki as we 
did not have a photo of it either.…

Mary Sue

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