was Name changes in Massonia>now fundamentalist Christians and their views

lou jost loujost@yahoo.com
Mon, 21 Jan 2013 04:45:33 PST
Valerie, yes, that is why I was careful to say <some> fundamentalists. The Bible is complex enough that one can pick and choose parts to support any view of conservation. 

My main point was not to criticize particular groups of people, but to say that we should be honest when trying to convince others to conserve biodiversity. The <materialist> worldview based on neutral, unguided evolution is the only one supported by evidence, so that's the one we should stick to. In the long run, it does the world no favors to base our conservation arguments on particular local mythologies. 

>Lou, I often get frustrated with *some* fundamentalist Christians and their 
views but here is another take on our belief. God said we were the keepers 
of the world and  it is our responsibility to treat animals and the Earth 
itself in a kind and wise way.  This seems like the common view among my 
church family.
Valerie G.

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