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#11 & #7 would be wonderful.  Danise Kimball
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Dear All,

      The items listed below have been donated by our members and friends to be shared.

If you are interested in obtaining some of them, please email me PRIVATELY at
Include "BX 364" in the subject line.

        Specify the NUMBERS of the items which you would like; do not specify quantities. It is a good idea to include your snail mail address, too, in case I do not already have it. Availability is based on a first come, first served system. When you receive your seeds/bulbs you will find, included with them, a statement of how much money (usually $2.00/share of seeds or $3 - $5/share of bulbs)(cash, check, or Pay Pal to <>; no money orders, please) you should send the PBS treasurer. Postage and packaging charges are added.

    Many of you are subscribers to this pbs elist which is free, but are not members of the Pacific Bulb Society which has a yearly membership charge. THIS BX OFFERING IS AVAILABLE ONLY TO MEMBERS of the Pacific Bulb Society. If you are not a member, consider joining so that you can take advantage of future offers such as this. Go to our website: <> 

        If you would like to donate seeds or bulbs/corms to the PBS,(Donors will receive credit on the BX for the cost of postage for their donations.), please send CLEAN, clearly labeled plant materials to:

Dell Sherk
55 W. High St.
Salem, WV 26426

Non US donors should contact Dell for instructions before sending seeds.


From Mary Sue Ittner:  (BULBS)

Haemanthus humilis subsp. humilis - these are small 
seedlings grown from seed of Stutterheim form (white).  Plant immediately. See…
2. Oxalis asinina 
3. Oxalis bowiei
4. Oxalis callosa
5. Oxalis caprina
6. Oxalis commutata
7. Oxalis compressa (double flowers)
8. Oxalis depressa MV 4871
9. Oxalis flava (received as pink & mostly pink, 
occasionally a yellow one shows up)
10. Oxalis hirta
11. Oxalis hirta 'Gothenburg' - produces giant bulbs 
and you only need a couple for a pot and it 
doesn't increase much. Very very limited supply
12. Oxalis luteola MV 5567
13. Oxalis sp. MV 4674 (perhaps commutata?)
14. Oxalis obtusa coral
15. Oxalis obtusa MV 5005a
16. Oxalis obtusa MV 5051
17. Oxalis obtusa MV6235
18. Oxalis obtusa MV 7085
19. Oxalis obtusa (peach) - looks like MV 5005a
20. Oxalis palmifrons
21. Oxalis versicolor
22. Tulipa batalinii (small bulbs)
23. Tulipa 'Red Cup' (small bulbs) - This was 
purchased as Tulipa humilis 'Red Cup', but I'm 
suspicious about the name. I've found online 
pictures of Tulipa hageri 'Red Cup' that look 
like it. I'd love to know what to call it on the wiki. It's very pretty anyway.…

From Roy Herold: (BULBS)

24. Erythronium americanum

From Jim Waddick: (BULBS)

25. Ledebouria ‘Pauciflora’

Thank you, Mary Sue, Roy, and Jim !!

Best wishes,


Dell Sherk, PBS BX

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