Very basic lachenalia questions (Rick Buell)

Rick Buell via pbs
Sat, 24 Oct 2015 12:06:25 PDT
Hi Arnold,

I should have thought of contacting you first regarding these. I'm trying to give these a cool area with bright light. My main question is how deep/shallow should the bulbs be set?

I should have written much sooner to thank you for sending the gethyllis fruit. There were 35 or so seeds, which are potted in moist sand, but no activity yet. I'll get your bulbs in the mail on Monday--sorry to keep you waiting! The past couple of months have been insanely busy, with a mortgage refi, and an unusual rush of work obligations. 

I'll keep you posted of anything that happens with the seeds.

Thanks again, 


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I used a peanut based compost one year with very poor results.

I usually go with a potting soil based compost c extra perlite.


On 10/24/15, Rick Buell via pbs wrote:

I'm potting up bulbs of l.viridiflora and l.aloides, and not sure how they should be set in the (gritty) medium, and how much room in the pot they require. I understand that they're heavy feeders, and prefer lots of sun, regular moisture in a very cool environment, and also read that they can be a little crowded in the pot?

Any practical advice here will be appreciated.


Rick Buell

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