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Hi Fred! 

I should have thought of contacting you first. I used almost exactly that mix, except my orchid bark is a little too large so I didn't use it, and instead added a tiny bit of sphagnum moss. I probably don't have these in a cool enough spot, so I'll put them on the east porch, close to the house. Do they need a deeper pot? I may have crowded these too much, with four bulbs 1.5cm wide in a 6" pot. The tips are just at the soil level...too deep?

My blumenavia is producing the last of its seed, and the leaves are all dropping as before, with another dormancy approaching.  I never saw a dormancy pattern like this. How are yours doing? I suspect that the new seedlings won't do this for at least another year or so.

I hope you're doing well as winter approaches. I still have to organize a lot of the larger plants I just brought indoors, which is no minor job.

Take care, 


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Hi Rick,

I grow mine in a mix that is high in pumice and perlite with some pro mix
and wood chips mixed in. About two weeks ago I put them outside to start
their growing season and they don't seem to be bothered by the cold but when
it gets very cold, I'll bring them in. I have a nice east facing window that
should make them happy.

Warm Regards,

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I'm potting up bulbs of l.viridiflora and l.aloides, and not sure how they
should be set in the (gritty) medium, and how much room in the pot they
require. I understand that they're heavy feeders, and prefer lots of sun,
regular moisture in a very cool environment, and also read that they can be
a little crowded in the pot?

Any practical advice here will be appreciated.


Rick Buell

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