Colchicum cilicicum blooming and more on new blog post

Travis O
Mon, 05 Oct 2015 20:28:01 PDT
Thank you Jane, very informative!

I'll add these bits:

The Plant List (via Kew) lists C. giganteum and bornmuelleri as synonyms of C. speciosum. [1]

The Plant List considers C. bivonae a synonym of C. cilicicum via Kew. [2]

The book 'Flowers for Northern Gardens' by Leon C. Snyder wrote that C. 'Lilac Wonder' is a hybrid of C. autumnale and C. speciosum. Not sure where they sourced that info. [3] A google search found a few similar accounts as those species being the parents. I've not found data listing the original hybridizer, only that it was for sale at or before 1926. Does anyone have any old catalogs?

I'm not sure where I read that 'Lilac Wonder' was a hybrid of giganteum and bornmuelleri, or if the two were just "suspected" as being the parents. Being that both are considered speciosum variants, it's not COMPLETELY wrong...




Travis Owen
Rogue River, OR

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