was Lowering the water table in pots; now onco seedlings

penstemon penstemon@Q.com
Tue, 20 Oct 2015 17:34:57 PDT
how old are these seedlings?
They’re from your seed (thanks), and I didn’t cut them right away, so not a year old, I think. 
I find a difference in vigor between species, but no difference in tolerating summer water, if growing in perlite. 
I’m now wondering if the in vitro method would not be the best way to go, rather than cutting. 
p.s. Just got a big box of Anderson tree bands delivered to my front door. Now for the fun of cutting little squares of screen and pushing the screen down to the bottom of the pots. 
If I’m not mistaken, Beaver Creek used to use a much heavier screen which I suppose could be glued onto the bottom of the pot, in the center, avoiding spending an hour pushing one screen down into a pot. 
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