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John Wickham jwickham@sbcglobal.net
Mon, 07 Mar 2016 18:18:21 PST
Has something changed in EU shipping regulations? I tried to buy from a firm this year and they said I needed an import permit. I had ordered from this same firm last year without any trouble. 

    On Monday, March 7, 2016 5:53 PM, Tim Chapman <tim@gingerwoodnursery.com> wrote:

I'll save you and any else interested a good bit of time.  To do the whole epermit thing which involves the security clearance /prove who you are deal.  There was no agent near me, even though I'm basically in the same city as the state usda headquarters. 

So, find the ppq permit application form , fill it out.  FAX it to the number listed, a PDF version of your permit will be emailed to you in a day or so.  Getting a new permit (old one expired) took me less than 24 hours.  This is the absolute easiest and fastest way. 

You need a phyto from the shipper and the import permit.  If it's being shipped via mail, you are supposed to use the green/yellows labels that directs the package to an inspection station.  If using DHL or the like they do there own customs clearance , but you still need your phyto and permit. 

Timothy Chapman

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