Asarum canadense sun tolerance

RC Weber
Fri, 08 Feb 2019 13:26:51 PST
Dennis - I found the same recurring themes as Jo-Ann (some degree of 
shade and preferring a (usually leaf-mulched) moist soil) on the 
following sites -
(says "in the understory of deciduous forest" which to me indicates 
shade/part shade areas with naturally-occurring leaf-mulch)…
(says - "Wooded slopes, valleys, ravines, base of bluffs" again seems to 
indicate shade/part shade areas & probable natural mulch)…
(says - light shade)…
(says - part to full shade; tolerates heavy shade)

Sounds like you may need to rig a shade cloth for this year while you 
look at what you can do on your side of the property line for the longer 
term.  If I may suggest, if there's no room for trees (which are 
slower-growing anyways unless you put in willow), consider tall bushes 
which can tolerate being clear-trunk pruned around the bottom to give 
sufficient space for the asarum.

Come to think of it, even with room for trees, you may want to put in 
bushes/shrubs for esthetic reasons either alone or with trees ... What's 
the view like for you?

Interestingly, the PBS page says ... nothing ... eh?…

Hope this helps,
Portland OR
zone 8b West Coast - USA

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