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Judy Glattstein via pbs
Tue, 30 Jun 2020 18:05:15 PDT
I have a few years on Jane McGarry, and we live on a sloping piece of 
land with a longish uphill driveway from the street. Blessings on 
whoever invented the wheel. I have a garden cart sort of thing with 
capacity to hold three sheet rock buckets and some tools. It is too far 
to go trudging up to the tool shed for forgotten / overlooked items: a 
trowel, a pair of secateurs, some labels and a pencil, a shovel, a 
spading fork, whatever I might have forgotten or thought I did not need. 
So I tend to bring everything down with me the first time. If I fill the 
sheet rock buckets with compost from the bins at the bottom of the 
driveway I take the occasional thoughtful pauses on the way up. At this 
point in my life it is better to work smarter than work harder.

Judy in New Jersey where the rabbit is back for its routine evening meal 
of clover outside the kitchen. It has its breakfasts here too.

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