Sourcing Seeds/ Bulbs for Merwilla plumbea

Garak via pbs
Tue, 16 Mar 2021 15:27:06 PDT
I've sent seeds to the  EU Seed exchange in fall, but have sowed the 
leftovers directly afterwards. Merwilla seeds are notorious for being 
short lived, and I'd actually prefer to grow them out of their ideal 
time frame over storing the seeds more than 6 months. I have the pot of 
seedlings grown through winter (indors under lights) and plan to keep 
them growing until next fall - they seem to be opportunistic growers for 
now. Original seeds were from B&T World  Seeds, but already so weak that 
only one germinated, and it was the third source I found, the others 
didn't germinate at all - my seed harvested in June hat nearly 100% 
germination in October, so they really are dying fast. It took 5 years 
from seed to flower for me.


Am 16.03.2021 um 19:30 schrieb M Gastil-Buhl via pbs:
> I grow Merwilla plumbea. 2020 was the first year I was able to collect seed
> from it. I have three. The pale-blue almost white one made more seed. The
> richer blue and largest one made very little seed. My biggest most blue one
> I got from UC Berkeley's botanic garden in 2013. The pale one I got from
> Annies Annuals in 2014. Neither bloomed until last year. My new one is a
> clump of tiny bulbs all blooming at once, much earlier than the other two
> which are only in spike now. This new one I am surprised blooms from bulbs
> that small. I got this latest one from San Marcos Growers, via a local
> nursery, this year. Only UCB had the correct species name so if you search,
> use the former name.
> I see I still have the envelopes from the May 2020 seed collected. I did
> not get my seed cleaned and packed in time for this upcoming BX but plan to
> before the next one. I do not know what time of year to sow these but since
> the flowers then leaves emerge this time of year, I guess I would sow in
> spring.
> Gastil
> Santa Barbara, California
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