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Robert Lauf via pbs
Tue, 14 Feb 2023 07:17:38 PST
 Does our membership application ask, "How did you learn about us?"  That might be interesting to know.  Unlike more local societies, we don't put on a show where people can stumble in and be awed by the things on display.
   Does PBS have an advertising budget per se?  Do we ever run ads in related publications of national or international plant societies such as AIS, AOS, etc.?  I realize that costs real money, as opposed to social media that can be done mostly by volunteers.  Ads might cost too much for the number of members they might land, but maybe there is something cheaper like flyers that can be placed at garden shows in big cities.  Has anyone developed an overall strategic evaluation of all these things as components in a larger publicity and recruitment activity?
Bob    finally seeing some sun in Oak Ridge  
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