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Fri, 17 Feb 2023 06:03:43 PST
 I'm not a tech nerd either, but I wonder if the way to do garden walks is with a go-pro type camera on your head, so it looks at everything that you are looking at as well as capturing your real-time narrative.  Then at your leisure, you take the video file and do any needed editing, post it to the PBS page or YouTube, or whatever, and then send everyone a link.  Trying to do this interactively via Zoom would probably be difficult to impossible.
As for programs, it seems that academics have all figured out how to do Zoom lectures as they went to remote learning during the pandemic.  They can be talking to the class, switching to PowerPoint, etc., while all their stooges (I mean students) are watching.  The host can enable questions from the peanut gallery at any time.  And the whole session is archived for the benefit of those in other time zones.  Whether or not we can line up an academic once a month to give a program on something of interest would need to be determined, but in my view that might be the fastest route to making it happen.  At the risk of sounding cynical, find a mouth in search of an ear and offer them an audience.  There are various garden-related YouTube shows, but some that I've seen are basically infomercials that are a long stream of product plugs rather than really in-depth discussions, esp. on more technical topics.  Others seem to be done more as a labor of love (like a lot of enthusiast web sites) so in those cases, the "volunteer" is already out there, he or she just doesn't happen to be volunteering for us.  But we can take advantage of that knowledge and enthusiasm, just as each of us does when we visit free web sites and others do when they visit ours.
If the person who related his experience re. proposing Zoom meetings and other communication initiatives wants to go public, that's his call to make and not mine.  Not everyone is comfortable stirring the pot.
Bob   Zone 7  where we got 3.5" of rain overnight.  Hope there will be some left when summer gets here.
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