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Luminita vollmer via pbs
Fri, 17 Feb 2023 06:02:53 PST
Hey Tim
you must know that once on the board you cannot freely say what you think,
as the board can and will wipe you off. The discussion will never take
place on the board, as the squashing that comes from the board will happen.

Volunteering comes from the motivation of the volunteer, and it will only
happen if the board is willing to listen to the new ideas. Usually new
ideas mean change, they are fragile, and like our friend Bob Dylan said -
people will destroy the fragile things they don't understand or have not
seen before.

New ideas don't fit a predefined form, they are different and disrupt. And
who wants that, right?

What a shame that I will NEVER volunteer again here or anywhere else,
because of the treatment the PBS board gave me for being disruptive. Words
represent thinking, and you had the opportunity to "hear" what the thinking
was when the reply to all showed you.

ex-pbs volunteer

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Date: Thu, 16 Feb 2023 09:05:27 -0500
From: Tim Eck <>
To: Pacific Bulb Society <>
Subject: Re: [pbs] How Best to Use Modern Technologies
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Frankly, I think you would make a great addition to the board.  You seem to
have the energy and drive to do things and willingness to follow through
against adversity.  The board seems to mostly self-select 'nice guys' for
the sake of convenience but I would rather have this part of the discussion
take place in a board meeting than on the list.
Keep your friends close...
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