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Johannes-Ulrich Urban via pbs pbs@lists.pacificbulbsociety.net
Fri, 17 Feb 2023 04:04:08 PST
Hello Robert,

As a board member who has just finished compiling a PowerPoint presentation on bulbs for the PBS I am surprised to read that this initiative was apparently stopped by the “mother ship“.
May I ask you where you get this information from?
I did a life test presentation for a local garden club recently with positive feedback.
Now comes the moment to adapt this to an online format. Picture files may need compressing, but how much? It needs to be checked if pictures and sound travel at the same speed to the other end, overall picture and sound quality needs checking, and so on.
The reason why I have not yet come forward with it is that I am not a computer nerd and everything was much much more time consuming than anticipated.
I have the full support of the board, including their patience with me being slow.

As to life walks through my garden: be assured that I have tried, several times. The outcome always was blurred unrecognizable pictures, very low sound quality with a time offset to the “pictures“ and the connection breaking down several times. Exactly what you want for a public presentation. The mobile internet where I live does not have the capacity for this kind of thing, even my landline internet sometimes fails.
I do not feel skilled to set up and edit a YouTube video.

Bye for now 

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