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Tim Eck via pbs
Fri, 17 Feb 2023 08:55:55 PST
It is sad that the board has acquired dysfunctional aspects.
It is exactly because of such tendencies that I would like to discourage
incorporating social media (facebook, etc.) into the functionality of PBS.
Social media tends to encourage a tribal groupthink, which by its nature
defines the non-tribal enemy groups by their differing thoughts.
Some politicians have said "you are entitled to your own opinions but you
are not entitled to your own facts."  But I find this contrary to reality.
While I am basically a 'wild-eyed radical' I have several very conservative
friends and I have found the opposite truth through respectful interchange
of beliefs.  Had I the same set of facts (beliefs) as them, I would have
had the same opinions.
The necessary part is a respectful interchange that enables you to see how
someone with differing beliefs could allow them to get there with
integrity.  I found this difficult to accept at first because I DO believe
in an objective reality.  But winning an argument is seldom in the list of
goals for a non-profit (and is practically oxymoronic because of the nature
of the sympathetic nervous system).

On Fri, Feb 17, 2023 at 9:03 AM Luminita vollmer via pbs <> wrote:

> Hey Tim
> you must know that once on the board you cannot freely say what you think,
> as the board can and will wipe you off. The discussion will never take
> place on the board, as the squashing that comes from the board will happen.
> Volunteering comes from the motivation of the volunteer, and it will only
> happen if the board is willing to listen to the new ideas. Usually new
> ideas mean change, they are fragile, and like our friend Bob Dylan said -
> people will destroy the fragile things they don't understand or have not
> seen before.
> New ideas don't fit a predefined form, they are different and disrupt. And
> who wants that, right?
> What a shame that I will NEVER volunteer again here or anywhere else,
> because of the treatment the PBS board gave me for being disruptive. Words
> represent thinking, and you had the opportunity to "hear" what the thinking
> was when the reply to all showed you.
> Luminita
> ex-pbs volunteer
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> Frankly, I think you would make a great addition to the board.  You seem to
> have the energy and drive to do things and willingness to follow through
> against adversity.  The board seems to mostly self-select 'nice guys' for
> the sake of convenience but I would rather have this part of the discussion
> take place in a board meeting than on the list.
> Keep your friends close...
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