BX 486 Addendum ii CLOSED

Started by Bwosczyna, October 03, 2022, 07:23:07 PM

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This BX is the one that keeps on giving.  While sorting and prepping the bulbs for distribution, I came upon a box I had forgotten to include in BX 486.  I am posting the list below.  Kindly refer to the initial post/email for the rules that apply to this BX, the only caveat being this will be open until Wednesday afternoon (12 p.m. Pacific).

Email me at bulbexpbs@gmail.com with your request. 

For your consideration I have very few of the following (some only one bulb) from member Robert Parks:

45. Crinum macowanii
African King  BX468

46. Lachenalia multifolia

47. Cyrtanthus sanguineus

48. Brodiaea pallida

49. Amorphophallus malkmus-husseini
50. Barnardia japonica

51. Gorgonidium sp.
52. Drimia lydenburgensis ex DHannon
53. Strumeria discifera
54. Urginea olivieri  ex DHannon
55. Albuca fragrans SX472
56. Cyrtanthus elatus
X montanus BX470