Barnardia was previously included in Scilla and is a member of the Hyacinthaceae (or the expanded Asparagaceae) family. It consists of species which flower in autumn before the leaves have developed. Bracts and bracteoles (smaller, secondary bracts) are present.

Barnardia japonica, syn. Scilla japonica, syn. Scilla scilloides, is dormant in the summer and then produces linear leaves followed by small starry pink or blue flowers in the fall. Photos 1 and 2 by John Lonsdale, photos 3 and 4 of seed by Rimmer de Vries (the ruler is marked in cm).

Barnardia japonica, John LonsdaleBarnardia japonica, John LonsdaleBarnardia japonica seed, Rimmer de VriesBarnardia japonica seed, Rimmer de Vries

Barnardia numidica is from North Africa.

Barnardia scilloides syn. Scilla scilloides (sometimes incorrectly called Scilla chinensis) is not accepted by all as some believe this species should be sunk into Barnardia japonica (syn. Scilla japonica.) See above.

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