Rimmer de Vries

I am trained as a geologist and live in a small town in southeast Michigan surrounded by farmland. My gardening interests change with the seasons. I grow bulbs, rock plants and I try to grow Japanese woodlanders (although I have lost all my shade trees to the droughts in the past few years).

For a tongue and cheek profile by my wife, click here: http://www.rhslilygroup.org/RHS_L&RPs_2011_2012.pdf see page 65

I am mostly interested in hardy bulbs from the bulb belt (Southern Europe, Asia Minor, North Africa); allium, crocus, fritillaries, hyancinthella, hyacinthoides, muscari, scilla, onco iris, trillium, and lilies (species and hybrids) and daphnes, gentians, peonies, hepatica and Clivia, for example. I try to grow as much as possible from seed and have attempted hybridizing lilies.

The local soil is a fertile clay loam relatively neutral deep mid west soil. The garden beds are all raised or on a slope to avoid the standing water typical in March when the ground is still frozen but the weather is warm. Some winters we may have some snow cover but rarely all winter, typical winter lows are +10 °F but can dip to -15 °F, usually with no snow cover, summer typical is usually mid 80sF but we can have weeks in the 90-100 °F with nights temps in the 80sF (not cool enough).

I have no greenhouse but do have several unheated cold frames of various depths adjacent to my house foundation for winter plant storage and for growing bulbs.

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