Urginea is a genus in the Hyacinthaceae family that is/was mostly African with some Mediterranean species. This is a bulbous genus with white to pale yellow or pink flowers. In A revised generic synopsis of Hyacinthaceae in sub-Saharan Africa (2004) Manning et.al. included this genus in the genus Drimia.

Seeds of this genus should be sown as soon as possible because they are ephemeral (Rachel Saunders).

Urginea altissima (L.f.) Baker see Drimia altissima (L.f.) Ker Gawl.

Urginea calcarata (Baker) Hilliard & B.L.Burtt see Drimia calcarata* (Baker) Stedje

Urginea dregei Baker see Drimia dregei (Baker) J.C.Manning & Goldblatt

Urginea macrocentra (Baker) Jessop see Drimia macrocentra Baker

Urginia maritima (L.) Baker see Drimia maritima (L.) Stearn

Urginea minor A.V.Duthie see Drimia minor (A.V.Duthie) Jessop

Urginea undulata (Desf.) Steinh. see Drimia undata Stearn

For more information about Drimia see the Drimia index. To see the species we have on the wiki see Drimia species.

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