Ferraria crispa

Sheri Ann Richerson
Thu, 23 Dec 2004 13:57:58 PST
Hi, I have a Ferraria but I do not remember which one. I think it is crispa
but I will not swear to that.

I received my bulbs last fall. I planted them in one of those plastic
cauldrons. I couldn't resist! Anyway they have never done a thing. So today
I went downstairs and was digging around in my pot. I could not find any on
top but did not want to dump the soil so I kept digging.

My tiny tubers were clear at the bottom of the pot. I am thinking maybe I
put them in too large of a pot and need to re-pot them into something
smaller as the tubers are about the size of a quarter around and maybe five
quarters thick.

Where can I find some of the vanilla scented ones and are there other
scented varieties?


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