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  1. Please sign your posts, including location and climate information, to help the rest of the group understand the geographic and climatic context for your comments.
  2. Please use a subject heading that clearly describes your post. When responding to that post, use the same subject heading so those who search the archives can easily find all the posts on that subject.
  3. If you change the subject content in subsequent emails, change the subject heading. You may add “Was [previous subject heading]” in parentheses after your new heading.
  4. Include only enough information from the prior post to identify it. DO NOT INCLUDE THE ENTIRE MESSAGE. This reduces archive clutter, and is a courtesy to all members of the PBS list, especially digest subscribers.
  5. Post answers to questions raised by PBS list members to everyone, as there will be many interested in your reply.
  6. Do not use the PBS list for private messages or to respond to BX/SX exchange offers.
  7. Do not post commercial offerings on the PBS list. However, you may announce the availability of a new catalog from your bulb business.
  8. Treat other members of the PBS list with courtesy and respect. Those who abuse the group or individual members will be removed. Our policy is to warn, then block those who continue to post advertisements or commercial plant sales lists, use abusive or profane language, or post content that is not relevant to the group.
  9. Before writing a critical post about a company or individual try for an amicable resolution via private email.
  10. Do not post content that suggests breaking laws, such as import regulations.
  11. Remember whatever you post will be archived and available for others to read.
  12. To post to the PBS list, send your email to The email address you use must be the one you used to subscribe to this list.

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