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Mary Sue Ittner
Tue, 31 Jul 2007 07:27:38 PDT

Since our list is a bit quiet at the moment I'd like to announce that there 
has been a lot of activity on the wiki lately for those of you who don't 
watch the recent edits. Below I have listed just some of the new additions. 
Giorgio has been adding pictures of some interesting Zantedeschia hybrids:…

Jay has created some new wiki pages for woodland plants with confused 
family status. I've tried to explain the various possibilities for them on 
their wiki pages.………
It is interesting to me that some of the genera that were moved from 
Liliaceae to Convallariaceae are now considered to belong to Colchicaceae 
and other are suggested by the Angiosperm Phylogeny Group II to be moved to 
a broader Asparagaceae or a narrower Ruscaceae. For a non taxonomist who 
may have once thought she wanted to learn the families I'm not so sure now. 
Along the way as I was trying to figure all of this for the wiki I learned 
that some of my native flora has now been renamed so I created a new wiki 
page for Maianthemum. We have a native Maianthemum that I've known by that 
name, but it also appears that what I have been calling Smilacina is now 
accepted by some to be better named Maianthemum. I rather liked the name 
Smilacina and it is easier for me to pronounce.…
And I learned that my native Disporum has been put into its own genus, 
Prosartes and only the Asian species are left in Disporum. So I'll be 
making a Prosartes page when I get around to it.

After Jim Waddick asked about hardy Ornithogalums I added some new Southern 
African Ornithogalum pictures to the wiki: mine,  Alan Horstmann's and 
Cameron McMaster's so a lot of them are habitat pictures. They probably 
aren't hardy, but interesting just the same.…
Ornithogalum concordianum has wonderful coiled leaves. Other new species: 
Ornithogalum constrictum, O. hispidum and new habitat pictures of O. 
dubium, O. graminifolium…
There are new close-up pictures from Alan of O. pruinosum, O. suaveolens, 
and O. thyrsoides

I have some more Ornithogalum pictures to add that we saw almost a year ago 
now if I figure them out and if I don't figure them out I'll just add them 
as sp. We saw a number of yellow species with green keels in Namaqualand 
and the northwest Cape and I don't know if they are all the same species 
and there were some white ones with green keels too.

Mary Sue

Mary Sue Ittner
California's North Coast
Wet mild winters with occasional frost
Dry mild summers 

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