Eastern Cape Trip

Mary Sue Ittner msittner@mcn.org
Fri, 14 Jan 2011 08:39:38 PST
Early in the trip we  saw examples of Karoo-Namib vegetation and 
Karoo grassland.  Cameron found us a field of Haemanthus montanus in 
bloom. We have photos of our entire group on their knees 
photographing different specimens. In the same field you had some 
starting and some still in fruit.

Walking above a road cut we found a Spiloxene I had never heard of, 
Spiloxene trifurcillata.

We were looking for Nerine huttoniae and did find one specimen, but 
not the usual representation as it was unusually dry in these areas. 
In an area with a lot of succulents we found Albuca setosa growing up 
through a shrub.

Later in this very hot day we walked on the Goosen farm where we 
found Ammocharis coronica in bloom. We have a lot of photos of this 
already on the wiki, but I added some of ours as it was surprising to 
find anything about to bloom in this very dry habitat. We were 
thrilled to discover it.

In this same spot we saw leaves of a newly described species of 
Albuca, Albuca crispa.

Mary Sue 

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