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Started by Martin Bohnet, July 23, 2022, 12:33:44 AM

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Martin Bohnet

[Posting for Bridget]

Below is a list of bulbs available for BX 482 - open until July 26 at 9:00
p.m. (PST).

Kindly note the following

Please send me an email directly at Bulbexpbs@gmail.com with a list of the number(s) and name(s) of the bulbs you wish to receive.
I also require your full name and mailing address.
You must be a current member to order. If you are unsure if you are current
with your membership, please reach out to Jane McGary at
janemcgary@earthlink.net.  Please also assure that you are not in arrears
for previous BX or SX fees.  You can check in with Arnold Trachtenberg at
arnold140@verizon.net for exchange balances.  I cannot honor those who have
outstanding balances.
Lottery system is in play for this BX.  If requesting several bulbs, please
let me know those you wish to receive in order of desire. If necessary, I
will utilize my discretion to try to see that everyone gets at least some
of their requests. Many of the bulbs offered are singles or very few.
I am not yet affixing labels to the envelopes. You will need to refer to
this post/email to determine what you received.  I will write a number on
the envelope/bag for your reference.
Each bulb sent (or envelope with multiples) will be $3 except the
Colchicum (#1) which will be offered at $5 per offer.
For our new members who have not yet participated in an exchange: I will
reply that I am in receipt of your email.  Upon distribution, you will
receive a box with your allocated bulbs and the receipt with the amount you
owe. That receipt has instructions on payment.  Please attend to payment as
soon as possible so we may mark your account current.
Arnold Trachtenberg
1 Colchicum Mixed (these are most likely C. umbrosum and/or Tenorei.)

Mary Sue Ittner
2 Babiana hybrids
3 Nerine small offsets from Zinkowski rescue  '81-10 × 82-11'
4 Nerine sarniensis
(seed from pink flower)
5 Nerine Zinkowski rescue 'Meditation × Joan Tonkin'
6 Oxalis bifurca

7 Oxalis bowiei

8 Oxalis brasilensis
9 Oxalis engleriana

10 Oxalis hirta

11 Oxalis imbricata

12 Oxalis livida

13 Oxalis luteola
14 Oxalis luteola
15 Oxalis melanosticta
'Ken Aslet'
16 Oxalis pardalis
MV 7632
17 Oxalis perdicaria

18 Oxalis pulchella
var. tomentosa
19 Oxalis purpurea
'Lavender & White'
20 Oxalis purpurea
21 Oxalis obtusa
22 Oxalis obtusa
23 Oxalis obtusa
(coral-I think)
24 Tulipa linifolia
, syn. Tulipa batalinii (yellow) - small bulbs

Bob Hoel
25 Hippaestrum hybrid offsets

Roy Herald
26 Cyclamen rohlfsianum
93-14x The Best, blooming size, 10yr old
27 Cyrtanthus brachyscyphus
red, hybrid with C mackenii?, NARGS
28 Cyrtanthus elatus x montanus BX202 MSI
29 Cyrtanthus labiatus BX239 Shields
30 Cyrtanthus mackenii
white ex WeDu
31 Cyrtanthus sanguineus
Bexadusted (received from SA labeled as such)
32 Cyrtanthus sp hybrid pinkish orange ex Logee's
33 Cyrtanthus sp hybrid soft orange ex Logee's
34 Cyrtanthus speciosus (elata) SRGC
35 Daubenya zeyheri
Jacob's Bay 2011
36 Massonia jasminiflora
Modder River
37 Massonia jasminiflora
pustulate form (amoena)
38 Narcissus albidus occidentalis N028
39 Narcissus assoanus
NARGS 2020
40 Narcissus asturiensis
NARGS 2020 bloomed, nice
41 Narcissus bulbocodium filifolius N008
42 Narcissus bulbocodium
hybrid N057
43 Narcissus bulbocodium obesus N024
44 Narcissus bulbocodium obesus N027A green late spring
45 Narcissus bulbocodium
white N096
46 Narcissus cantabricus foliosus N001
47 Narcissus Joy Bishop N068
48 Narcissus Julia Jane N106 ex JMcG
49 Narcissus romieuxii
ssp. albidus v. tananicus N002
50 Narcissus nevadensis
51 Narcissus nivalis NARGS 2020
52 Narcissus romieuxii
x romieuxii OP NARGS N084
53 Narcissus rupicola
NARGS 2019 bloomed
54 Narcissus rupicola
NARGS 2020
55 Narcissus Stockens Gib N071
56 Narcissus Treble Chance N066
57 Narcissus zaianicus x cantabricus N037
58 Nerine alta (undulata) ex Hornig
59 Nerine angustifolia
R58 E of Lady Gray ex Hornig
60 Nerine filifolia
ex Jones
61 Nerine humilis brachiae BX214
62 Nerinehybrid G36 BX214
63 Nerine krigei
ex Hornig
64 Nerine sarniensis
bright orange
65 Nerine sarniensis
hybrid #2 light pink MM2001 ex Exbury
66 Nerine sarniensis
hybrid ISANDWLANA ex Exbury
67 Nerine sarniensis
hybrid MM2017 ex Exbury
68 Nerine sarniensis
hybrid NOVEMBER CHEER ex Exbury
69 Nerine undulata
Bedford winter bloom ex Hornig
70 Nerine undulata
BX214 ex Silverhill
71 Nerine undulata
Ecca Pass ex McMaster
72 Nerine undulata
? Sp OP
73 Nothoscordum montevidense
v montevidense
74 Oxalis melanosticta
Sutherland ex Hannon NOT 'Ken Aslet'
75 Sprekelia formosissima

76 Tecophilaea cyanocrocus

77 Tecophilaea cyanocrocus x leichtlinii hybrid
78 Tecophilaea leichtlinii
79 Tecophilaea leichtlinii x cyanocrocus hybrid

Robert Parks
80 Albuca fragrans - SX472
81 Albuca osmynella

82 Arum byzantium - ex Illahe
83 Arum concinnatum

84 Arum dioscoridis
v. syriacum
85 Arum hygrophyllum
86 Biarum carduchorum
RP1 (2)
87 Biarum carduchorum
RP1 (2)[probably same as RP1]
88 Biarum tenuifolium
89 Cyrtanthus inaequalis - ex Dylan Hannon
90 Daubenya stylosa
RP2 (2) - ex Dylan Hannon
91 Gladiolus carmineus
Flower Colors: pink
Climate: winter rain climate
- BX478
92 Gladiolus equitans
Flower Colors: red, orange
Climate: winter rain climate
- ex Dylan Hannon
93 Ixia polystycha Baby Blue
94 Ixia viridiflora
RP1 - ex Telos
95 Ixia viridiflora
96 Oxalis bifurca
- BX470
97 Oxalis brasiliensis

98 Oxalis fabaefolia

99 Oxalis glabra
- ex Telos
100 Oxalis hirta
101 Oxalis imbricata
- BX476
102 Oxalis purpurea

103 Oxalis purpurea
(rose pink)
104 Oxalis purpurea
Lavender & White - BX470
105 Oxalis purpurea
Skar - BX467
106 Oxalis simplex - ex Telos
107 Oxalis versicolor
(?) Golden Cape
108 Scilla madeirensis
RP1 (1)
109 Trachyandra ciliata (VERY vigorous)
110 Calostemma purpureum
111 Crossyne flava
112 Crossyne guttata SX471
113 Haemanthus coccineus

114 Haemanthus deformis
(picotee bract)
115 Haemanthus humilis
ssp. hirsutus (various forms) from Dylan Hannon
116 Haemanthus humilis
ssp. humilis OP from M. S. Ittner

Rimmer DeVries
117 Allium amethystinum
Flower Colors: purple
Flower Season: late spring to early summer
ex PBS BX 252
118 Allium guttatum
Flower Colors: white, purple
ssp dalmaticum (purple) from Odyssey as A. guttatum but
seems to resemble allium sphaerocephalon
119 Allium macrostemon ssp uratense    small headed tall drumstick from
Wieste Mellema in 2013
120 Allium rotundum
Flower Colors: purple
Life form:  bulb
  mix of small bulbs from Kurt Vickery seed from 2013 as
121 Allium rotundum
Flower Colors: purple
Life form:  bulb
from Kurt Vickery seed in 2013 as KV461 Armenia
Meghri- Goris (small form)
122 Allium rotundum
Flower Colors: purple
Life form:  bulb
from Kurt Vickery seed in 2013 as KV471 Nagorno
Karabakh (taller form)
123 Allium subvillosum
  white umbels in Spring
124 Barnardia japonica
from NARGS seed
125 Barnardia japonica
, short (misnamed "numidica" in cult.)  from PBS bx
126 Iris, Juno section Juno iris with white tops and yellow falls dark
lines on yellow lip
127 Lachenalia multifolia
NNBH408 from Nhu Sept 2014
128 Notholirion thomsonianum
monocarpic but makes many offsets, do not
reuse soil


Martin (pronouns: he/his/him)


Beautiful bulbs. Phenomenal response in requests.  Most people sent in lengthy lists, which is wise as this furthers the opportunity to get something on that wish list.

I am still sorting and packing up the donations and have noted everyone's lists. If you have not received a reply from me, kindly re-send. I believe I responded to everyone, but there were over 70 orders.  I should begin sending orders out over the weekend and next week.

The most popular items by far were the tecophilaea, nerine, haemanthus and massonia.  Eighteen members requested the cyclamen rohlfsianum. There is one of them.  If you receive it: you are the luckiest duck.

Thank you for your participation in the exchange.  The donors are most generous; we owe them each gratitude in helping us to obtain things we might not otherwise have the opportunity to grow.