Pop Up BX 483

Started by Bwosczyna, August 09, 2022, 02:16:38 PM

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In an effort to keep things moving right along with the BX, here we are with a pop up right after the last boxes have gone out in the mail from the most recent BX.
Same rules apply: you must be current in your membership, you should have any outstanding BX or SX fees up to date and this will be a quickie, as boxes are going out by this weekend.  This offer will be open for a two days (until 6:00 p.m. Pacific Standard Time on Thursday evening, the 10th of August.)
Some items I only have a single bulb, the alliums are in great quantity.  
You need to email me at Bulbexpbs@gmail.com with a list of your picks as well as your full name and address.  I will acknowledge your email within 24 hours.  
I am making my first attempt at linking the wiki pics to the listing below.  Fingers crossed it works. 

Robert Parks
1. Brunsvigia josephinae
2. Calostemma purpureum                                             
3. Crossyne guttata                                           
4. Oxalis bifurca
- BX470                                  
5. Oxalis brasiliensis
Rimmer de Vries
6.Allium amethystinum
Flower Colors: purple
Flower Season: late spring to early summer
      late spring                         
7. Allium guttatum
Flower Colors: white, purple
ssp dalmaticum  (purple)     late spring  from Odyssey as guttatum but resembles a. sphaerocephalon
8. Lilium lancifolium
flaviflorum      stem bulbils                      
9. Hymenocallis leavenworthii         summer                             
10. Pelargonium gibbosum sec polyactium   early summer                   
11. Tulipa marjolettii              spring                  
Arnold Trachtenberg
12. Colchicum mixed (leftover from BX 482) autumn               
Mary Sue Ittner
13. Nerine sarniensis
(from seed from pink flower) (leftover from BX 482)                                   
14. Nerine undulata
ex UC BBG                                      
15. Nerine'Giant Double Pink' ex UC Irvine BG                                        
Mike Lowitz
16. Lachenalia Zeheri