Pelargonium is a genus in the family Geraniaceae with more than 250 species, most of which are found in Southern Africa and especially in the winter rainfall area. Some of them are geophytes with a subterranean stem tuber and often root tubers as well. Many of them are from very dry areas and may appear only in a year when there is adequate rainfall. They need to be grown in well-drained slightly acidic soil in an open sunny location. On this page we will only include the geophytic species.

Tuberous Pelargonium was a topic of the week in August 2004. To read David Victor's very interesting introductions, see Part 1 and Part 2

Michael Vassar on tuberous Pelargonium culture - alternative link.

Another reference is Charles Craib's book on Geophytic Pelargoniums.

Photos below show the variety of flowers and leaves.

Pelargonium barklyi, Namaqualand, Mary Sue Ittner,Pelargonium caledonicum, David VictorPelargonium dipetalum, David VictorPelargonium incrassatum, Bob RutemoellerPelargonium lobatum, Mary Sue IttnerPelargonium moniliforme, David Victor
Pelargonium barklyi, leaves, Mary Sue IttnerPelargonium campestre, David VictorPelargonium dipetalum, David VictorPelargonium pinnatum, David VictorPelargonium radiatum, David VictorPelargonium trifoliolatum, David Victor

To find information about species included on the wiki, click on the pages arranged alphabetically by species or on a specific species from the table below.
Pelargonium A-C - Pelargonium D-L - Pelargonium M-P - Pelargonium Q-S - Pelargonium T-Z

Pelargonium species
Pelargonium aciculatum Pelargonium aestivale Pelargonium alchemilloides
Pelargonium appendiculatum Pelargonium asarifolium Pelargonium auritum var. auritum
Pelargonium barklyi Pelargonium bowkeri Pelargonium bubonifolium
Pelargonium caledonicum Pelargonium campestre Pelargonium carneum
Pelargonium caroli-henrici Pelargonium dipetalum Pelargonium echinatum
Pelargonium fasciculaceum Pelargonium grenvilleae Pelargonium incrassatum
Pelargonium leptum Pelargonium lobatum Pelargonium longifolium
Pelargonium luteolum Pelargonium magenteum Pelargonium moniliforme
Pelargonium oblongatum Pelargonium ochloleucum Pelargonium parvipetalum
Pelargonium petroselinifolium Pelargonium pilosellifolium Pelargonium pinnatum
Pelargonium proliferum Pelargonium punctatum Pelargonium radiatum
Pelargonium radulifolium Pelargonium rapaceum Pelargonium reflexum
Pelargonium reniforme Pelargonium schizopetalum Pelargonium sidoides
Pelargonium species Pelargonium species nova Pelargonium torulosum
Pelargonium triandrum Pelargonium trifoliolatum Pelargonium triste
Pelargonium undulatum Pelargonium vinaceum Pelargonium violiflorum

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