Acorus L. (syn. Calamus) is a genus of two or three species of aquatic rhizomatous perennials. They have reed like leaves. The tiny flowers are borne on a spadix without a spathe. It is a member of the monotypic family Acoraceae, though many sources and taxonomists place it in the Araceae. Phylogenic studies place it in its own monotypic family, while studies of the plant's morphological features place it with the aroids. Also, there is some debate as to whether Acorus is a monocot or not (see the Acoraceae page for a link to a discussion on this).

The links in the table below lead to individual pages for each species. To see both species on one page, see the Acorus Overview page.

Acorus calamus L. [Shift+click to enlarge, Click to go to wiki entry]
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